Ice Fishing Perch – Related to the walleye, but tactics differ

Perch are closely related to the walleye.

Some lakes tend to produce VERY large perch, commonly referred to as JUMBO perch.

Perch are never lonely.

They tend to ‘school’ together…so if you catch one, you’ll simply make him late for dinner with his buddies below the surface.

Yeah…they get together like a group of guys watching the Super bowl with a dish of Doritos and some REALLY good nacho cheese. Who’s hovering over that bowl? Would you like a nice wax worm? Maybe a dancing jig? I have a really nice treble hook with your name on it!

When ice fishing for perch, use a small jig or spoon and fish near the bottom-usually no more than one foot off the bottom.

6″ is preferred. I think 3 inches is better, but that’s just me.

The key to catching perch under the ice is finding them. They tend to school together so if you find one, others should be nearby. (Ummm….see above?)

When the perch are biting well, you may not need to bring your bait all the way down to the bottom again, usually the aggressive ones will meet your bait on the way down. I’m telling you, this is the fountain of bait for them! They are on a feeding frenzy! Go get ’em!

During the early part of the season the perch should be in the flats. (That means they are mainly aimless.)

One of the best lakes in the USA for jumbo perch is Devils Lake Perch, North Dakota.