Ice Picks

Ice Picks

Ice Fishing picks - for safetyOne of the sadder stories I read online recently was this couple who decided to go ice fishing, late at night, on an ATV (2017).


They were experienced ice fishermen, but they drowned. Their ATV fell through thin ice and they didn’t have any ice picks to get them out of the water!

One of the stories I read online was that they’re fingernails were broken. They tried to get out of the ice…but fingernails aren’t good enough in an emergency.


I can’t say it enough: Ice picks are REQUIRED equipment if you are spending time on the ice. You NEED to hang them around your neck. These would have saved this poor couple in their time of need, but it appears they didn’t have them:
Ice Fishing Safety

You can also use your fingernail clippers in an emergency!

Ice picks are used to to yourself out of the water onto the ice so you can survive. Buy them. They are required equipment.