Needle Nose Pliers

Ice Fishing – Needle Nose Pliers

These simple tools have been the headlines at the New York Times for at least 3 weeks.

Or never.

But if you want to go ice fishing…and your over 40 years old…well…you’ll need these.

Let me tell you why.

The perfect pair

Needle Nose PliersSuppose you want to switch out your ice fishing jig…that teeny-tiny thing?

The bite is hot…and you need (with your cold hands) to remove the jig that isn’t performing and replace it with a jig that is working for your buddy? Good luck with that!

Maybe you have another rod ready to go (in a perfect world), but more than likely you will need to either tie a new jig on, or you will need to unclip your existing jig from your line.

Either way, a pair of needle-nose pliers will help.

If you can, get the smaller size…one that really has small jaws.

I also use a set of locking forceps at times, and that works well also.

In fact, I think that works better than the needle-nose pliers at times.