Ice Fishing Walleye

Your dinner awaits below the surface…and he’s hungry too.

Ice Fishing Walleye photoIce fishing for walleye is relatively new to the scene.

Well, not really.

In fact new magazines are popping up all the time dedicated to fishing walleye under the ice.

I suppose this is good?

I gotta tell you, those walleye are finicky. I tried almost every presentation I could find…and they STILL wouldn’t bite. I SAW them on my underwater camera! The just looked at my presentation and went ‘yuck’. I am beginning to suspect my underwater camera intimidates them. I think I’ll find a way to make it look more like a fish? That is the only idea I can figure out. If you have a better idea, let me know?

Walleyes and sauger are super light sensitive and tend to bite best around dawn and dusk. They also tend to bite the best at first ice.

And THIS is my problem.I like to ice fish around 2-3 pm…and that doesn’t seem to work out well for me. I’m thinking I need to either get up earlier (not going to happen) OR stay our later…but that might cut into my beer time? Not sure. Your call.

Walleye are usually taken by jigging, although tip-ups are becoming more popular.

Typical tackle consists of:

  • A slip bobber rig
  • 6 to 8 lb line
  • Split shot
  • Hooked minnow
  • Light to medium action rod
  • Open faced spinning reel

Try different styles of jigging-start aggressive, then work your way down to subtle taps.

Usually you will find something in-between works.

OR you could just walk and ask the guy who caught SEVENTEEN walleyes what he is doing right?

Jeff Lanz 01 - WalleyeAgain: Your call. I’m thinking a trade might happen here…he fishes…you give him beer? A trade? I’m not sure how the laws work with that in your state. Please consult them.