First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

First Aid kit pictureOuch! That will hurt!

Sometimes you get poked with a hook.

Or your fingers tangle with a Northern Pike.

There is blood, and that isn’t fun. This is why you need a small First Aid kit to deal with it.

I suppose “duct tape” would do fine…but really? Take a few moments and grab a cheap first aid kit.

They are what? $3?

True story: I got caught up in the whole”fishing scent” thing about 20 years ago. I bought a syringe and filled it with some scented liquid I bought off the internet. I go to poke the frozen herring I wanted to use for a tip-up for Northern Pike…miss…and inject that stupid scent into my hand! I kid you not!

I stood there, frozen. I was shocked. I was 70 miles from the nearest emergency room. Thankfully it didn’t do anything. (WHEW!)

A band-aid would have helped my limp as I was so embarrassed. I bled a little bit. I was dumb.

Get a first aid kit. And don’t inject yourself with fish scent.